The International Relations of Video Games

In this episode, we discuss the impact of video games on international security and international relations. Video games have had a significant impact on critical topics in global affairs, such as anti-terrorism, cultural relations, and military training. Check out our conversation!

The World of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality–commonly referred to as VR–is an emerging technology that will become increasingly more sophisticated and widespread in the 5G era. VR can improve education, revolutionize healthcare, and even bolster security services. At the same time, however, VR is also be used for malignant purposes.

In this episode, we explore the origins of VR, discuss its applications, and detail some of the risks and vulnerabilities associated with this new technology.

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Space Traffic Management

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Myanmar and Mobile Phones

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Blockchain Technology

Cryptocurrencies from Bitcoin to Ripple were hot topics in 2017, but how much do you understand how they work? Blockchain technology is a rapidly expanding industry that underpins these cryptocurrencies. As this data architecture grows, it may spread to transform how other sectors process and store data. This conversation on the blockchain was originally published in September 2016 but, given the meteoric rise of some cryptocurrencies in 2017, we decided to repost it. Read More

Organized Crime & New Technology

Organized crime groups are using new technology to stay steps ahead of authorities. In this episode, we discuss how criminal groups have used technology like cell towers, and how they may soon use technology like 3D printing.

Possible World-Changing Technologies

Which emerging technologies will become the next game-changers in the international arena? In this episode, we give an overview of three technologies could have significant impacts throughout the world: space-based solar power; artificial intelligence; and voice recognition and computer-based communication. Read More