Spotlight: Urumqi

Positioned in China’s resource-rich northwestern region, the city of Urumqi is gaining strategic importance as China seeks to diversify its energy resources. However, ethnic and cultural tensions between the Chinese government and Uighur minority population continue to threaten the region’s stability. Read More

Clean Energy in the Caribbean

Caribbean island nations are uniquely positioned to become leaders in renewable energy development. How can clean energy in the Caribbean increase energy reliability, lead to job growth, and help the environment?  Today’s guests, Andrew Polich and Chad Johnson from Vittoria Energy Expedition, help us explore the issue. Read More

The Resource Curse and the Paradox of Plenty

Does a nation’s economy suffer when it makes a large natural resource discovery? In this episode, we explore the economic and financial consequences associated with resource abundance with recent Elliott School graduate alumnus Josh Park. He explains the underlying factors of the “resource curse” phenomenon and how states can mitigate its harmful effects. Read More

The Horn of Africa

The Horn of Africa is one of the most complex, diverse, and conflict-afflicted regions in the world. While much of the region continues to be mired in violence and instability, it remains a nexus of global trading routes and is growing in geopolitical importance. The global community cannot ignore its fate.

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OPEC in Crisis

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is a permanent, intergovernmental organization of 13 oil-exporting nations that coordinate petroleum policies of member states. OPEC has exercised large control of the global oil market since its inception in 1960. However, it is now confronting major challenges, including changes to the global oil market and tensions between member states. Read More

Illicit Oil Networks, ISIL, and the World

Most of us are familiar with ISIL’s use of oil smuggling, but how do they do it? Who facilitates and who buys the oil? What other regions around the world are also seeing oil smuggling. Some of them are closer to home than you might have imagined. Join us as we invite our good friend Siree Allers to discuss these questions and more.

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