Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh’s Female PM

Bangladesh is a country with a significant gender gap, steeped in patriarchal tradition. So it may come as a surprise that its Prime Minister is a woman. In this episode, we shine a spotlight on PM Sheikh Hasina. Read More

The UN’s Next Secretary General

On December 31, 2016, Ban Ki Moon will end his term as UN Secretary General. As the UN General Assembly begins vetting candidates to replace him in the coming months, it has a historic opportunity to elect the first female Secretary General. Read More

Population Structure and its Effects on Stability

How can demographics positively or negatively impact a country’s economic growth and national security? In this episode, we discuss how an unbalanced age or gender structure can be a boon or a curse for stability.

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Exploring Global Gender

kids photo

What is the difference between sex and gender? How do prescribed gender roles and other social constructions of gender harm everyone? Can we even approach these issues through the standard “international affairs” lens that we normally use here at Matters of State? Join us as we sit down with our special friend and guest, Camry Haskins, to explore gender as a global issue.

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