The Aftermath of Genocide: Reconciliation and Ignorance

In the sixth, and last, episode of our series on genocide, Again and Again, we discuss the aftermath of genocide. Throughout modern history, nations have taken vastly different approaches when attempting to “move on” from genocides. Some have established reconciliation policies that try to bring justice to the victims, while others have sought to ignore or refrain from admitting culpability. After assessing a number of different cases, we discuss how a nation can best provide justice and fairness to victims in the aftermath of a genocide, while taking steps to mitigate the possibility of future conflicts. 

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There are many ways you can stay informed about modern day genocides and work with those who work to prevent genocides. See below links of some important organizations in the field:

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Take a look at some of our favorite articles that we came across while researching this topic:

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Hello Cambodia!

Cambodia photo

Hello Cambodia! We noticed that the last few episodes had an increase in listeners in Cambodia, so we decided to shout out to you directly! In this episode, we briefly discuss the history of Cambodia into the present day, and ask our listeners there to tell us more about what’s going on in the country these days.

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