What is Finland’s role in Europe and the broader global community? In this episode, we speak with Ambassador Kirsti Kauppi about Finland’s role in Europe, its relationship with Russia, and her career.

US-Finnish Relations

The Finnish mission to the United States fosters increased collaboration with the United States on several fronts. Finland is working to promote trade and investment and advance cooperation in innovative technological development with the United States, especially in IT and alternative energy sectors. Finland also seeks continued security cooperation with the United States.

Current Security Environment

Ambassador Kauppi counts pandemics, climate change, and global inequality as some of Finland’s greatest security threats. It works through global institutions to promote development and security measures to confront these issues.

She also called neighboring Russia a security threat. Finland seeks to manage the relationship by clearly stating its principles and condemning Russian aggressions, while cooperating on mutual goals to achieve stability and avoid escalating tensions.

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