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What is the difference between sex and gender? How do prescribed gender roles and other social constructions of gender harm everyone? Can we even approach these issues through the standard “international affairs” lens that we normally use here at Matters of State? Join us as we sit down with our special friend and guest, Camry Haskins, to explore gender as a global issue.

In order to get to that level of gender equality, we also need the whole population.
-Camry Haskins

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  • #HeForShe, an initiative by UN Women to encourage men and boys to push back against the negative inequalities suffered by women and girls.

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About the Author
Lacey Bruske is a graduate from the George Washington University’s MA program in International Affairs. She hails from Portland, Oregon. Prior to attending GWU, she worked at the Department of Justice as an advocate for women who were victims of sex trafficking crimes and a legal assistant on drug trafficking crimes. She graduated from Utrecht University’s University College Roosevelt in Middelburg, The Netherlands with a B.A. in International Law and Foreign Relations. Her travels have taken her throughout Europe, but she hopes to broaden her scope to South America soon. Her academic interests include organized crime and trafficking of weapons, drugs and people.