Possible World-Changing Technologies

Which emerging technologies will become the next game-changers in the international arena? In this episode, we give an overview of three technologies could have significant impacts throughout the world: space-based solar power; artificial intelligence; and…

Gun Control around the World

Gun control laws vary from country to country in rigor and effectiveness. In this episode, we explore how countries across the globe differ from the United States in their gun control policies.

Spotlight: Urumqi

Positioned in China’s resource-rich northwestern region, the city of Urumqi is gaining strategic importance as China seeks to diversify its energy resources. However, ethnic and cultural tensions between the Chinese government and Uighur minority population continue…

Nuclear Deterrence Theory

Do more nuclear weapons make the world a safer place? Since 1945, nuclear weapons have underpinned the global balance of power. This episode explores the development and practice of nuclear deterrence.