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Kevin received his MA in international affairs from the George Washington University's Elliott School with a double focus on conflict resolution and transnational security. While he is interested in issues across the globe, he focuses regionally on the Middle East.

Thoughts on the International Criminal Court

In this episode, we examine the International Criminal Court (ICC). We briefly touch on the history of the ICC, what the court is intended to do, and a recent expansion in what kinds of cases the court considers. We also discuss some of the weaknesses and criticisms of the ICC, particularly the fact that all of its 32 indictees come from Africa. Finally, we compare the ICC system with other international tribunals and reconciliation processes.

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Exploring Global Gender

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What is the difference between sex and gender? How do prescribed gender roles and other social constructions of gender harm everyone? Can we even approach these issues through the standard “international affairs” lens that we normally use here at Matters of State? Join us as we sit down with our special friend and guest, Camry Haskins, to explore gender as a global issue.

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Hello Cambodia!

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Hello Cambodia! We noticed that the last few episodes had an increase in listeners in Cambodia, so we decided to shout out to you directly! In this episode, we briefly discuss the history of Cambodia into the present day, and ask our listeners there to tell us more about what’s going on in the country these days.

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Spotlight: Comoros

Comoros_in_relation_to_Afrika_mapMaybe you’ve at least heard of most countries around the world. But have you ever heard of Comoros? This small island nation east of Africa and north of Madagascar has had an outsized impact on international trade and the the history of its region. Today’s Comoros has a complex political system and a rich diversity of culture. Join us as we discuss Comoros in this latest installment of our Spotlight series!

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International Law and the Use of Force

Who decides when it might be appropriate for a country to intervene in another conflict? Is there an international consensus on when it is acceptable to use force? Join us as we tackle these complex issues in today’s episode, “International Law and Use of Force.”

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Nairobi’s Slums and Urbanization Challenges

Up to one billion people live in slums around the world and the numbers are only expected to rise.[1. The number of people  living in slums varies widely from source to source, but the UN has reported up to one billion. There is greater consensus on the fact that the numbers are rapidly increasing.] In this episode, we look at what drives the rapid urbanization around the world, how it leads to overcrowded slums and informal housing, and  what can be done to improve the lives of the people living  in  these overcrowded  areas.

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Wildlife Trafficking

Did you ever think that animals (and other lifeforms for that matter) could be trafficked like they were illegal drugs? In fact, some of the same people, networks, routes and tactics are involved in this massive illicit trade. Join us as we discuss the motivations, methods, and consequences of wildlife trafficking in this week’s episode.

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What Motivates Terrorism?

The media has a lot to say about Islamist terrorism, but what else motivates terrorism around the world?

Democracy and Development in Rwanda

Rwanda has been lauded as a development success and a role model for Sub-Saharan Africa, but critics suggest that this development has come at the expense of healthy democratic governance. Kagame’s Rwanda is an excellent case study for a broader question in international development: does democratic change lead to development, or does development lead to democratic change? Can you have one without the other?

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Spotlight: Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej

This week, we  debut our Spotlight series. Unlike in our traditional round table discussions, the spotlight series will allow us to occasionally choose an interesting figure, location, or phenomenon to discuss. This episode’s figure is the world’s longest-reigning monarch alive: King Bhumibol Adulyadej. We start from his birth in the United States, move to his unexpected rise to the throne, and finally discuss his apotheosis.

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