Cyber Trafficking

In this episode, we speak with former George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs graduate students, Mehmil Zia and Rubi Corral Hinojos, about their capstone project focusing on cyber trafficking in Mexico. In particular, they dissect how human traffickers leverage the internet to facilitate human trafficking in Mexico and across the border to the...

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Culinary Diplomacy

International relations are being conducted via digital communication more than ever. However, one aspect of international diplomacy has remained constant for thousands of years: the ceremony and tradition of sharing food and eating together. In this episode, we will explore the role of food in international relations, or as we will call it, culinary diplomacy....

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The Aftermath of Genocide: Reconciliation and Ignorance

In the sixth, and last, episode of our series on genocide, Again and Again, we discuss the aftermath of genocide. Throughout modern history, nations have taken vastly different approaches when attempting to “move on” from genocides. Some have established reconciliation policies that try to bring justice to the victims, while others have sought to ignore...

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Preventing Genocide

In the fifth (and penultimate) episode of our series on genocide, Again and Again, we speak with Dr. Matthew Levinger, Research Professor of International Affairs and Director of the National Security Studies Program at the George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs, about genocide prevention. Dr. Levinger provides a framework for analyzing conflicts and...

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Propagandizing Genocide

In the fourth episode of our series on genocide, Again and Again, we speak with Theogene Rudasingwa, former Chief of Staff to Rwanda President Paul Kagame (2000-2004) and former Ambassador to the United States (1996-1999). Rudasingwa, now living in exile in the United States, speaks about how propaganda was used to intensify divisions within Rwanda...

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Forecasting and Preventing Genocide

In the third episode of our series on genocide, Again and Again, we talk about forecasting with Lawrence Woocher, research director at the Simon-Skjodt Center for the Prevention of Genocide at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Woocher discusses the center’s Early Warning Project, which aims to contribute to the prevention of genocide by using...

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